AFPR COLLAB | Neighbors


Neighbors! Neon Brown and Artie Smash have joined forces to produce an eclectic mix of classic hip-hop remixes for your earholes. This remix project is a result of teaming up with Artists for Puerto Rico. All sales of this remix project will go directly to helping the people, our people, of Puerto Rico.

Brown and Smash are excited to team up with Artists for Puerto Rico. Neighbors is a 15 track album, which you can buy on the Artists for Puerto Rico's Instagram page or by clicking on the image or link above, for however much you would like to donate. We encourage people to give and help out our fellow neighbors. 


Neon Brown—creator and producer of Mister Freedom— has worked with many talented artists: Homeboy Sandman, Truck North (Legendary Roots Crew), Vurastyl (Life Savas), Trailer Limon (The Pendletons), Zion I, Donwill (Tanya Morgan), and many more. Brown has also begun composing for film and TV with recent projects for Apple and Netflix. More so, he’s nationally known for his hairdo collections.

Artie Smash, now living in Upstate New York, is a reclusive beatsmith. He has handfuls of beat and remix albums that will soon see the light of day via Brown’s music imprint, Holy Whoa. Jaded from the industry, Smash went into isolation, secretly releasing tapes by sneaking them into the businesses in his small town. Nameless and unlabeled, these tapes would make the rounds. Thus, the legend of Artie Smash was born. He also runs a house cleaning business.